How your biz can make money from the Pokémon Go craze


Jul 19

The popular augmented reality app has launched in the UK. As users look to “catch ’em all”, here’s how business owners can monetise the app!

Following smash hit success in America, where it has grown faster than dating app Tinder, augmented reality app Pokémon Go launched in the UK and Europe on Thursday 14 July in the Google Play and Apple App stores.

A free-to-play app, Pokémon Go uses location-based augmented reality technology, making use of the GPS on mobile devices, to allow players to capture, battle, and train virtual Pokémon which appear throughout the real world.

Since its launch in the US last week, the app – created by The Pokémon Company – has already been downloaded millions of times and has received a mix reception from critics.

Some professionals have said the app can improve the mental and physical health of people by getting them to spend more time outside and can even go so far as to cure depression, while others have noted that it has caused a public nuisance to some locations. There have even been reports of criminals using the app to attract people to certain locations to conduct robberies.

Despite the controversy, the app’s popularity shows little signs of slowing down and, with its entry into the UK market, businesses are in prime position to capitalise on its launch.

How to make money from Pokémon Go?

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