How Having Big Dreams Can Help You As An Entrepreneur


Jun 13

I’d found this clip from Forbes magazine, which has symbolise what I have been thinking all those years!

Dreaming is often times given a bad rep — it’s an act that either takes up too much time or invokes too little action. Part of the bad reputation comes from the notion that dreams never lead to action, as an entrepreneur, I can say with confidence that I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for the moments I claimed as my time to dream. They didn’t have to be impressively great dreams — honestly, most times they weren’t even close to feasible — but the fringe benefits were indisputable. The time I gave myself to dream was synonymous with the time that I didn’t judge my ideas and just let the creativity happen.

My website, Too Damn Young was born from a moment spent dreaming: For me it was thinking what it would feel like to belong to a community of teens and young adults who, like myself, had lost someone they loved. For others, dreaming is visualising working for the corporation of their choice. When speaking to Tiffany Vazquez, Senior Editor of Giphy, for her episode of “Creating Espacios,” she narrowed in on some important things to keep in mind when challenging yourself to dream big and how to turn those dreams into tangibles.

I hope this article inspires you, and please do visit the site to read the full article.