Gossip & Bullying In The Deaf Community


Jul 03

Gossip & Bullying In The Deaf Community

It is illegal for someone to spread malicious gossip about you, if you are experiencing this kind of slander, please speak to someone in authority: your bosses or go to the police, this is considered as bullying  because this can have a profound effect on the victim’s well-being. Also, please bear in mind, the deaf community is very small and this is not fair to the victim!

People who’ve gossip to you about the others are that kind of people who will gossip about YOU. I know that for a fact, simply because I have had that particular gossiper tell me lots of damaging things about her BEST friends!

It doesn’t matter whether I have been told is true or not, only YOU will know if it is true or not based on the fact in where and how I got that information!

If you have ever had a gossiper slandering other people to YOU, be very careful in what you confide them in! If you think, no, I trusted them, then you must be really gullible if you think you are immune!

So, whoever has been saying malicious things about other people, please approach the person concerned and let them know.

And also if you ever find your ‘so called’ friends have cut you off because of what one is saying, don’t worry about them, those people who does that are really that shallow and are not worth having as a friend anyway. Remember, whatever it is, there are always two sides of the story.

My advice is; do not get involved, but contact the person the gossiper has slandered.

And finally, what to do if someone start to gossip about the others?

Don’t listen to them – gossip grows an audience. You simply being there listening to it adds to its appeal. If someone starts to tell you something damaging, say, I’m sorry, but I don’t feel comfortable talking about this person when they’re not here to defend themselves. Not only will you break the gossip chain, but you also will gain the trust of other people, as someone who won’t spread rumors.

So, rise above it!

Please read this: How to Squelch Malicious Gossip

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We are opening a new online support group where we can support those who have had an awful experience from the hands of a gossiper or a bully- launching September 2016

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