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Hello, my name is Jackie Knight and I am not a journalist, a columnist or a writer. I am just someone who understands little of the English writing rules, but love writing. I need to stress something before you read my blog posts. So you could understand where I am coming from: I am a deaf woman who thinks and talk in BSL (British Sign Language). Writing my thoughts onto this blog, into my version of ‘written’ English is hard. But I can only come far to where only deaf people will understand what I am saying. This is my blog written in a language only deaf people will understand and I hope you will do too by saying. Ah yes, I know what you mean! I like writing and I won’t let anyone stop me, so let me waffle on, throw up rants and share it with you!

Mar 19

Marlee Matlin & Jack Speaks On Radio Show


[xf_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” animation_type=” animation_duration=’0.5′ animation_delay=’0.5′] Academy Award Winning actress Marlee Matlin guests on Seth Speaks on SiriusXM. She talks making her Broadway debut in Spring Awakening, making Broadway accessible for everyone, twitter, and much more! Marlee is joined by her interpreter Jack Jason! [/xf_textblock] [xf_youtube_video src=’8tpTZBItPLg’ autoplay=’0′ showinfo=’0′ controls=’0′ call_to_action=’1′ background=” font_color=’#ffffff’ start_time=’2′ […]

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Oct 13

Taking Care of Your Pets When You Are Away!

Feature , Travel

Summer time is here again! Many of you have a pet, and have you ever thought of hiring deaf people to take care of your pets? Inside Deaf City Hub App we have established the first ever run run agency specialised in providing pet sitting service for the deaf community. Check this APP for more information […]

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