The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (PG)

Walt Disney Studios, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Jon Turteltaub, the creators of the “National Treasure” franchise, present “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” — an innovative and epic romantic comedy adventure about a sorcerer and his hapless apprentice who are swept into the center of an ancient conflict between good and evil.

Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage) is a master sorcerer in modern-day Manhattan trying to defend the city from his arch-nemesis, Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina). Balthazar can’t do it alone, so he recruits Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel), a seemingly average guy who demonstrates hidden potential, as his reluctant protégé. The sorcerer gives his unwilling accomplice a crash course in the art and science of magic, and together, these unlikely partners work to stop the forces of darkness. It’ll take all the courage Dave can muster to survive his training, save the city and get the girl as he becomes “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”

Race To Save Dying Sign Language

I love surfing the internet reading up everything related to the deaf community, while there is a lot of news, videos and stories circling around. This particular topic caught my eye and has actually become one of my favorite topic at this moment in time: “The Race To Save Dying Sign Language”


This particular topic is something I didn’t expect to happen and I didn’t realise until it hit me that language does disappear including sign language. I am very interested in following those stories as I am a great believer in preserving deaf history….and together we can do just that!


Al-Sayyid, a Bedouin Village

Researchers can accurately date the origins of ABSL to 200 years ago, a time when nomadic Arab tribes roamed the dunes of the Negev desert and survived by herding goats. The head of one of those tribes was the sheikh of the al-Sayyid clan, an Egyptian peasant who migrated to the area after a family feud, married a number of local women, and adopted the Bedouin way of life. When his children, two of whom carried the recessive deafness gene, were rejected as “foreigners” by surrounding Bedouin tribes, they married among themselves. Four generations later, the first deaf children were born; as their deaf children had deaf children of their own, the language started to form. Read more


Bengkala in Bali

Bengkala has had a higher than normal deaf-since-birth population for over seven generations. Today, 42 of Bengkala’s almost-3,000 villagers have been deaf since birth. By comparison, about two or three births per 1,000 in the United States produce a deaf or hard of hearing child. The high percentage of deafness is caused by a geographically-centric recessive gene, called DFNB3, which has been present in the village for over seven generations. For years, villagers believed the deafness were the result of a curse. Read more


Hawaii Sign Language

The discovery of Hawaii Sign Language in 2013 amazed linguists. But as the number of users dwindles, can it survive the twin threats of globalisation and a rift in the community? Read more


Deaf Arabs Create New Language – This is something we have just found today, a new language is being created, read more about this



The International Week of the Deaf

Why Deaf Awareness Matters

International (MNN) — The International Week of the Deaf (IWD) may seem like another irrelevant holiday that some government body established.

But, for 70 million Deaf people, it’s so much more than that.

IWD is a symbol of hope for the global Deaf community. It’s the hope of increased Deaf awareness among their hearing counterparts. It’s the hope of finally being acknowledged as something more than “Other” or “Disabled.”

And, as DOOR International’s Rob Myers shares, it’s a step toward restoring dignity for people like Amit.

Amit’s story

When he was young, Amit was influenced by the faith of his parents and decided to attend church with them. It was a “hearing” church, and Amit’s parents interpreted the service for him so he could understand what was going on.

“As he was signing with his family, the pastor took note of that signing and ended up coming over after the service and talking to the family,” shares Myers.

“The pastor’s question to the parents, which the parents passed on to Amit, was, ‘Why are you using monkey language with your son?’”

It may seem like an odd question, but as Myers explains, “Many people may label sign language as ‘monkey language’ simply because they associate [it] with some of the communication aspects that are being taught to gorillas and chimpanzees.” Read on…..


10 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Have An App

Deaf Restaurant Owners – 10 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Have An App!

  • Location-Based Deals

I think by now we’re all familiar with Apple’s iBeacon. For those who aren’t, it’s basically a small device you can set up in and around your location to send push notifications and deals to people in your location’s physical proximity to lure them into your restaurant during meal time.

  • Loyalty & Referral Programs

On Black Friday 2015, a pizza joint called Pizza Ranch ran a promotion that gave their customers double points for coming in and buying from them that day, which generated 67.6% more business for that day than they normally do.

  • Easier Internal Order Fulfillment

Instead of having someone constantly man the phones and try to understand what the person on the other end is saying and relying on their handwriting to accurately convey what needs to be done to the cooks, the people responsible for filling orders can see plain and clear exactly what needs to be done, along with any special requirements given by the customer.

  • Increased Sales Amongst Millennials

According to Food Tech Connect, 98% of 18 to 34 year-olds who’ve paid a bill via mobile would like to do so again. But beyond simply paying, 35% like to place their orders on smartphone or tablet, and 40% actually prefer a mobile payment over other options, especially for restaurants offering quicker service.

  • Social Sharing

If you run either reservations, ordering, or payments through your mobile app (or all three), you can set a timer for after one of those transactions is completed to ask your patrons to review your app on one of your online profiles or share their experience on social media. (Possibly for more loyalty reward points… are you seeing how all this works together now?)

  • More & Better Reviews on Ranking Sites that Matter

And beyond asking people for social shares when they leave and are satisfied with your restaurant experience, you can also send push notifications asking them to leave a review… directing them to the ranking and review site that matters most to you at the moment.

  • Better ROI on Specials You Offer

Push notifications can easily solve eating out decisions.

If it’s Friday or Saturday, you can plant the idea of eating in your restaurant that night as early as lunch time. For example, if you’re running a special on some popular dinner plates, you can send a push notification to your app users to let them know. When the time for choosing a restaurant comes, they’ll already be thinking about eating your food and validating it with the fact that they can save money on it.

  • Easy Menu Access

According to research conducted by the firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, 62% percent of customers are less likely to step into your restaurant if they can’t easily see your menu on their mobile device.

And instead of relying on funny renderings of mobile-responsive web pages, you can make sure your menu is easy to access, front and center, in your app.

  • Higher Coupon Redemption

Coupons have historically been one of the most popular ways of boosting business, and today is no different. The first coupon went out in 1887, 129 years ago, when a Coca-Cola executive created hand-written notes for a free bottle of Coca-Cola, which then cost five cents.

The idea took hold, and Coca-Cola served 8.5 million free drinks this way between 1894 and 1913, and by 1895, it was sold in every US state.

Coupons work!

  • Photo Display to Entice

Much in the same way you’d use images of your food on your website and in your menu to prompt desire for the plates you’re trying to sell more of, you can insert enticing photos of your food on your app.

Seeing an image of food that’s “ready” to eat taps into a core, animal desire to keep ourselves nourished and fed… and the better it looks (and the hungrier we are), the more likely we are to act on it.


Young Heroes: Louis Braille

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Dramatizes the life of Louis Braille, including the events that caused him to become blind as well as the cause of his death in 1852 at the age of 43 of tuberculosis. Illustrates the development of the Braille System, which he created in 1824 at the age of 15, and how it was at first rejected and even banned at the Royal Institute for Blind Youth (where Braille attended as a child and was later employed as a teacher).

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